Magic the Gathering altered card contest II. Lands only!

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Awesome Image Wasteland by Nordic Queen; Swamp by msjalter; Llanowar Wastes by comixstop.

We are happy to return to the scenery where we started. Almost three years ago we have kicked-off our app, at that time called RateMyTate, with a Magic the Gathering altered card contest.

It was a great start with a great community and an even better artwork. 233 uploads by many different artist and a neck-and-neck race for the win till the end.

Well we tried to succeed this success but failed miserably. All follow-up contest and the app as a whole were not well received by the audience. In addition, due to the lack of a marketing budget this audience stayed small. Too many barriers in the app, missing features and the lack of a web-presents did the rest.

We failed, learned and pivoted! But now we are back fresh. A new name, many improvements to the app, a web-presents, comment function and most importantly a different focus! Still no marketing budget though :-( If you want to know more about that click here .

What are we now? We are a tool now. A tool you can easily make your own contest with:

-Pick whatever category

-Choose whatever rating criteria

-Make it open for everybody or closed just with you as an exhibitor

-Use it to make contest, exhibitions or surveys

-Give out prizes to foster participance or don't

You can do whatever you like. Here is how. Or go directly here to create one

But now back to this contest!

Magic the Gathering altered card contest II. Lands only!

Here is the link to the CONTEST!

We thought this time make a little bit more unique. We go for a specific card category. We thought - maybe legendary creatures, Planeswalker or vintage cards... but what would fit better to these indoor times than seeing some beautiful lands on your smart phone. While outside the "Exotic Deasease" is "Burnig Corona" in our "Runed Halo" and we all get "Claustrophobia", lets peak at some altered "Tropical Island" and imagine we are there sharing a nice snow-covered "Cockatrice" with a beautiful "Tarmogoyf". Yea that's right - we play Magic too!

So lands this time. We hope all artist that alter have some altered lands in storage. If so upload them right now and try to win the prizes. If not - then paint one! There is plenty of time. The contest ends on the 22nd of May.

The rules are basically the same as we had last time. No direct-rating possible and the same three rating criteria Creativity, Realization and Like-it. Each between 0 - 100. You cannot rate your self - of course. If you try to cheat by making fake accounts in which you only rate your uploads good and all others bad it will not only take a lot of time (you have to rate all creations randomly before you get randomly to yours) our algorithm will detect it and kick out your ratings. So, don't do it. Win in fairness. Or loose :-) As last time the price money will be a split between the overall winner and the three criteria winners. However, as we saw last time it is very likely that one winner will win more the one criterion and the overall rating. So, go upload now and start rating. But most importantly share the contest by either sharing this link (URL) or the link of the contest landing page here

Now let's have a look at the former contest

Magic the Gathering altered card contest. September 2017

CANDLES The winner 2017 in overall rating, realization and like-it! Demonic Tutor as Diablo by SamedieAlters. 65 TP .

Within two weeks in July 2017 the Crème de la Crème of the MTG altered card scene uploaded 233 images of their best work. 14000 ratings later we had the winners. SamedieAlters took the win in two categories (Realization and Like-it) as well as the overall rating! His technique was unmatched in detail and perfection. However, there was one piece of art that people considered to be more creative. Two Moons by Sk0oMa (seris800). When you look at that beauty you know why! The two Magic cards Blood Moon and Magnus of the Moon combine in an epic scene of worship and darkness. The technique is unique and almost seems as the artist used gold leaf.

JEWLERY The winner 2017 in creativity rating. Two Moons by Sk0oMa (seris800). 65 TP

The two contestants matched themselves in a close head to head race with changing the positions several times. In close distance the artist specioulbayeur followed them a unique piece of art showing a Sol Ring (through years) as a combination of an old and a new version which was even slidable. Check the Ring out here . Specioulbayeurs' special technique is to work with foil cards that are somehow cut and combined again and thereby forming shiny masterpieces.

T-SHIRT PRINTS Phyrexian Tower and Boseiju by specioulbayeur

We hope that this time Specioulbayeur and all the other great artists will gift us again with their best stuff! This time it will be lands. We already pulled out some beauties from the former contest to bring you some foretaste of what’s about to come.

PILLOWS Marsh flats by msjalters.

By the way it is not necessary to upload the most crazy and special artwork - sometimes the simple and clear work is the finest. Some Magic player prefer that the alters cards somewhat resemble the original art or are even just altered to appear like a full art version of the card.

That is the beauty of our app and this contest that we a have - a fair and sophisticated rating system that involves a more diverse information pattern than just simple one-dimensional LIKES, hearts, points or whatever. This time we even have a commenting function for you guys to get in touch, communicate and/or share more precise feedback.

Please help us to push this contest by sharing either this article (URL) or the contest landing page with your friends and other artist. Use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or email. The more the merrier! Let’s have some fun and enjoy the contest!