RateMyTate & RateMyDIY become iContest: We failed, learned and pivoted 2019!

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Here we go! We pivoted once more. From RateMyTate via RateMyDIY to iContest. It is not easy to get traction in the overloaded app world out there. Giants like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, WeChat and Snapchat don’t leave much room and fulfill almost all user needs. Apps that cover niche features are just devoured by the big ones within chatbots or otherwise. Users expect all standard features that they know from other apps and are non-tolerant to bugs or bad UX and design mistakes.

But enough complaining – We are not giving up, we are becoming a NICHE TOOL!

We took the best of RateMyTate and RateMyDIY and focused our new APP on the ONE feature that actually had traction – the CONTEST feature!

Why did RateMyTate not work?


If we disregard internal challenges and therefore not finished features – the main problem was that we were not able to communicate the value of RateMyTate (RmT) to our users. RmT was actually a personal market research tool that enabled users to generate knowledge about the target audience that liked their creations. While you can basically do the same thing on other platforms like social media, you don’t need followers or friends on RmT. So, no personal reach necessary – you generate your ratings by rating others (rate4rate). That was the big difference! The unique, multidimensional rating system and the deep evaluation tool were just a bonus. As you see here, it takes some time to communicate that and unfortunately we failed in finding a way to do so. We tried to narrow it down by just targeting one audience (DIY) - this was ultimately unsuccessful as well. In addition we would also like to mention, that a critical number of users would have been needed in order for the rate4rate system to work. Regarding this aspect we unfortunately just never had the marketing capital.

2. So no rate4rate anymore?


Rate4rate will stay as it is. As mentioned before – iContest can do everything what RmT and RateMyDIY were able to do. You can still upload your items regardless of any contest availability in our so-called "open-mode". Besides, even within a contest the more ratings you give the more ratings your item will receive.

3. Why contests?


That was the answer of the market. We had the event feature before but all events were set by us. Now users can make their own events in form of contests or exhibitions. This was the feedback we received:

“Well the rating system is nice and the rate4rate… pfff – what would be really cool is if I could digitize my own exhibition with a neat and easy tool.”

“I would like to make my own contest for my costume party”

“I want to let people rate for the best item at my vernissage”

“I need a tool like this for my FB community! We make alternative designs of Pokemon cards and I always wanted to make a small contest”

“I need that for our next muscle car gathering to decide who pimped his car the best!”

“I would like a tool to digitize my art gallary exhibitions – so I don't miss the train of digitalization”

Do you want to check out what a contest created with iContest looks like on the web - click here .

4. No Tates anymore?


Well, we call them items now. While the wording Tate was very well perceived when users got what it meant, it was too hard for new users to understand and even worse for advertising the app. The same goes for the name RateMyTate.

Just for the record - A Tate is any kind of creative product, for example: a painting, a sculpture, a logo, a fashion design, a tattoo, a product design, DYI products – even a house or a car can be a Tate if you see it from a "design" point of view. Hence, anything that can be considered as a creative creation. Pretty neat word, ey! Ahh, we might come back to it when the world is ready :-)

5. No DIY anymore?


Sure! Still DIY - and so much more! While the app won’t be category specific as RateMyDIY was, we finally have an integrated category chooser! You can now set the whole app to the category you like.

6. What will happen to the old apps?


They will remain online for some time but we will take them down eventually. But: the new app can do everything the old apps were able to do. In the normal mode (out-of-contest) you can still upload your creations (Tates:-), now called items, and have them crowd rated. Even your old accounts (logins, uploads) will still work.

7. ...do you want to earn some money now?!


Yes, we would like that! However, we don’t want to mess up our nice app with commercials or similar. The plan to just generate users and eventually implement business channels is off the table as well. No, we became a useful tool to set up contests. A tool has value; therefore, we will charge about 29$ from the host for each contest that is set up. We think 29$ is a fair price for the contest host to use our tool and should not be a major barrier to create a contest. However if it is, write us an email to info@ratemytate.com and we might provide you a promotion code for your first contest to set up for free ;). For users, of course, everything will remain free.

So GOODBYE RateMyTate and RateMyDIY - WELCOME iContest