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“iContest” as the name implies involves creating your own contest. We figured there is no real app or website where you can easily set up a fair contest and share it with your community. For instance: You are a Facebook group admin for a community that designs toys. Well, if you want to make a little competition on who designs the coolest baby doll, what do you do? You usually tell your community to share something on Facebook. Outcome: the winner will be the one with the most followers and friends – because he or she will get the most LIKES. With iContest this is different!

What is a contest?

During a contest a community rates different items within a certain time frame and at the end one or more items are declared as winners. Contests can be held online or they can be actual real life contests supportet by the rating system of iContest. It is important that the framework for the contest is well chosen.

iContest framework

Here are details of the iContest framework:

1. Time frame

The host of the contest choses the time frame for the contest. It can be hours, days, weeks or even months. Before the contest starts the host can upload items. When the contest is active any iContest user can rate the items and if the contest is set as “public” anyone can participate by uploading an item. When the time frame of the contest expires the results are fixed and winners can be declared. The items remain in the app and are still open for the out-of-contest-mode to be rated.

2. Prize

It is completely up to the host of the contest to decide whether or not there shall be a prize (of any kind) for the winner. Exhibitions only differ in this aspect as they don´t have a "prize-option". As the host is solely responsible for handing out possible prizes afterwards he or she must post a contact reference. Prizes can be monetary, goods, services or even just glory. Anything is possible. The prize can be considered as a motivational incentive for people to participate.

3. Indirect or Direct rating - Public or Exclusive

If the host decides that DIRECT RATING is possible it means that any user on iContest can choose the item they want to rate, rate it and choose the next. Therefore, their rating is biased and the contest can´t be considered as completely fair. Some items might even get no ratings at all. That is why we recommend the INDIRECT RATING option – here users can’t choose which item to rate, as they randomly appear in the rating mode. If they want to rate a specific item in the contest, they therefore might have to rate all of the items within the contest first. However, we strongly recommend that the host explains to the users why indirect rating is better – we used to get a lot of user complaints about the fact that they can’t choose what they want to rate. This is why we now let the host decide which option he or she would like to choose for the contest.

Contest are on default PUBLIC. That means anyone can upload an item to the contest (the host can erase inappropriate items). However, if the host wants to be the only one to upload items he or she should set it to EXCLUSIVE. This might be useful if you have a gallery for example or in general if the contest is supposed to mirror a private life event.

4. Other numbers

MINMUM NUMBER OF ENTRIES gives the host the opportunity to only oblige himself or herself to give out a prize when enough people participate in the contest. So no worries about promising valuable prizes to your community when in the end there is only one participant. You therefore only have to give out the prize when this minimum number of participants is reached.

MINMUM NUMBER OF RATINGS protects the contest result of statistical randomness. For example, if the number of ratings is set to only "1", then each item that received at least one rating will automatically be listed on the leaderboard. Consequently, if this one item also receives the highest rating (100% in all categories) it would win the contest, eventhough it was only rated once by one single user. This is why we propose a minimum of 10 ratings per item in order for it to be listed on the leaderboard. So, a statistical average for each item must be reached.

With the UPLOAD LIMIT the host can protect the contest from users spamming it with too many items. So, each user (not the host) can upload the maximum items of that set number. Of course it is up to the host how many items each participant is allowed to upload.

Why iContest stands out from e.g. social media?

Rating system

We have a unique RATING SYSTEM: Multidimensional rating including a subjective, an objective and an emotional criteria. It is very easy to use: pull the arrow of each criteria until it reaches the amount of points you wish to give the item. When finished, the "rating shard" is formed.

This rating shard communicates a 3-way rating in size, shape and color! It is stretched by three sub-triangular. Each of those is colored by mixing two values of the RGB color system. So, the bottom left one, for example, mixes green and blue which is why it appears in perfect cyan when both values are at its maximum. Same goes for the yellow (mix green and red) and for the magenta (red and blue) triangular. As you can see, our logo shows a maximum rating in all criteria ;-)

Rating criteria

Our pre-set rating criteria are Creativity – Realization -Like It. The host can however choose any kind of criteria he or she desires.

SUBJECTIVE CRITERIA: mixes the color green to the rating shard. It is pre-set as "Creativity". This criteria should stand for the individual perception of each user. Other examples could be: individuality, innovation, design, appropriateness etc.

OBJECTIVE CRITERIA: mixes the color blue to the rating shard. It is pre-set as "Realization". This criteria should represent the materialistic perception of the user. Other examples could be: quality, technical perfection, execution, used materials etc.

EMOTIONAL CRITERIA: mixes the color red to the rating shard. It is pre-set as "Like-it". This criteria is supposed to reflect the users feelings about the item. Other examples could be: atmosphere, feeling, ambience, love, hate, sympathy etc.

Audience insights

It offers users the opportunity to find out all the details about why, where and who rated their items. Click on the shard below your items' image to enter the evaluation feature. You will be provided with deep statistics about your rating audience. Also, the rating is filtered by gender, age groups and region. You can even take a closer look on how you were rated in each specific rating criteria. This evaluation feature is only accessible to your own uploaded items. If an item receives a statistical number of ratings these insights enable the user to find out who his or her target group is. Isn´t this a cool feature?


The algorithm of iContest is designed in a way that the more items a user rates, the more ratings his or her item will receive from other users. This system is not really relevant within a contest but VERY RELEVANT out of the contest mode. You can use iContest anytime out of contest to collect ratings by other users and you always have access to your items´ audience insights.

Try it! It is like a personal market research tool.

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