A new tool to conduct contests or exhibitions for creative items such as art, designs, costumes, fashion, logos, cars, DIYs and other products (items).

Multidimensional rating tool that will enable fair and interesting assessments for each item and its creator.

Chose indirect rating mode for unbiased ratings and complete fairness!

No friends or followers needed. Free on Android, iOS devices and on web.

Contest and market research tool

We wanted to provide a tool for HOSTS of creative gatherings such as VERNISAGES, ART GALLERIES, DESIGN GROUPS, FACEBOOK GROUPS and many more to easily create a creative competition or exhibit digitally. These competitions are fair, connective and exciting. Users can easily participate by either uploading their own work (items) and/or evaluating the work of others in a unique new way. Users who upload their items get a comprehensive analysis on where, why and by whom their work is preferred (PERSONAL MARKET RESEARCH TOOL), they can promote their work (shop links, Youtube links etc.), browse through new interesting work and maybe even win the prize that the hosts might offer.

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